OISS Connect

Tips for week of January 13th

  • Using the Change Date request button for delayed arrivals.

  • Department on-boarding template (down load and customize for your department process) 

  • Please note that at the moment you cannot delete uploaded documents at all. There is no point in hitting the “reject” button as it only send a message to the scholar, but does not delete the document. Just leave the incorrect document in the system. If there is confidential information and you really need it deleted contact your OISS adviser.

  • Check out the OISS Connect vs ISD Slide Show: What's New What's the Same?

  • You asked for check-lists, view the J-1 initial (not student intern) check-list

  • Scholars should not enter any address  when creating a new record

Transition from ISD to OISS Connect

ISD is no longer the visa request system for OISS. Departments may still view records and download documents if needed.  OISS Connect is the new system being implemented in stages.

How to make a new request during this transition: