Requesting Access and First Login

Getting Access to OISS Connect

If you are a department administrator who handles visa requests for your department's international scholars, employees, and visitors, please fill out this form to request new access to OISS Connect or let us know if you or an admin in your department has left Yale or moved to another department.

Logging into OISS Connect for the First Time

Step 1: Log into OISS Connect

Go to If not already logged into the Yale Central Authentication Service (CAS), you will be prompted to login with your NetID and password.

Under the 'Departments' section, click the Log In button.

Select log in under the departments section

Step 2: Click Blue Bar

Click the blue DEPARTMENT USER LOGIN button, and then log in through Yale CAS.

select the Department User Login button

You will now be taken to your dashboard.

Sample view of dashboard

Future Access to OISS Connect

Bookmark and use the following link in your Chrome Browser to go directly to the Department Login: