Next Steps for J-1 Scholar

Overview of the Process

Obtaining the DS-2019

  1. The appointment is confirmed.
  2. The department makes a New Sponsorship Request (NSR) in OISS Connect, submitting basic information like the appointment start/end date.
  3. The department submits the NSR and waits for OISS to review it.
  4. Within 10 business days, OISS sends the scholar an email with instructions to access their OISS Connect account and how to submit their information and documents. The department is cc'd on this email.
  5. The department:
  6. At the same time, the scholar:
    • Fills out all required information in the 'Exchange Visitor' Section.
    • Uploads required documents to the 'Documents' section, like their CV, passport scan, copies of previous immigration forms, etc.
    • Emails the department when they have completed all of the above.
  7. The department reviews the record to make sure that it is complete:
    • All information and documents required by the department are present.
    • All information and documents required by the scholar are present.
  8. The department submits the record to OISS by clicking the Submit to ISSS button. If any required info is missing, or OISS has any questions, we will be in contact.
  9. After submitting a completed record (all the required information and documentation), OISS will be begin processing the record. It can take up to 10 business days to be processed by OISS, and possibly longer during busier times of the year.
    The status of the DS-2019 form is found in the top left of the OISS Connect record.  The status changes from DRAFT to INITIAL when the DS-2019 is issued.
  10. When the processing of the record is complete, a DS-2019 will be issued for the scholar and any accompanying dependents. The form(s) is signed and stored electronically in the scholar's OISS Connect record. The scholar will receive a welcome email from OISS (with a copy to the department) with instructions on how to retrieve their signed DS-2019 for their visa application.