Appointment Dates and Funding

Appointment Dates

In setting the appointment start date, departments must allow sufficient time for the collection of required data and documents, the preparation of the visa document (e.g. J-1 DS-2019) and/or submission of the immigration petition to USCIS (e.g. H-1B), as well as the time required to obtain a U.S. visa and travel to the U.S. (if the individual is not already in the U.S.). Below are guidelines that will help determine a realistic start date.

  • For J-1 Scholars and J-1 Student Interns, the requested start date must be at least 90 days from the date ALL documentation and data are submitted to OISS (except for Canadian citizens who do not need to apply for a U.S. visa.). Within 10 business days, of receiving a completed OISS Connect request, OISS will issued the DS-2019 needed for the visa application and entry to the U.S .
  • For H-1B sponsorship, which requires applications to both the Department of Labor (DOL) and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the requested start date must be at least 4 months from the date ALL documentation is is submitted to OISS.
  • If the scholar is already in the U.S., the timeline may be different. Hiring units should consult with OISS.

Funding Requirements (J-1 Visa Only)

U.S. immigration regulations require that Yale verify and document adequate funding arrangements for all incoming scholars on J-1 visas. In all instances, the minimum level of funding must be met before a visa document/DS-2019 can be issued.


For appointments beginning prior to June 30, 2023, Yale has set a minimum of $3,167 per month ($38,000/year) for an individual and an additional $725 per month for an accompanying spouse and $525 per month for each accompanying child.


Postdoctoral Affairs Appointments

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs sets minimum funding amounts for the positions of postdoctoral associates and fellows, postgraduate associates, laboratory associates and visiting fellows.

  • Years 1-4: $65,000
  • Years 5-6: $68,000

Details on Postdoc Compensation Minimums

Postgrad, Laboratory Associate, and Visiting Fellows

  • $3,200 per month or $38,400 per year

Details on Postgraduate Compensation Minimums

Details on Other Appointment Type Minimums

Faculty Appointments


  • An additional $800 per month for an accompanying spouse and $575 per month for each accompanying child.

Appointment Not Funded by Yale

If the J-1 scholar appointment is not funded by Yale, OISS requires documentation of the source and amount of funding (meeting at least the minimum requirements above), such as a letter of support or an award letter or other third party support. J-1 scholars and any accompanying dependents must have health insurance coverage regardless of funding source.

Visiting Undergraduates Participating in Research or Clinical Activities

Funding for Visiting Undergraduates Participating in Research or Clinical Activities must meet the same minimum funding requirements.

H-1B Sponsorship

Requests for H-1B sponsorship must follow the DOL regulations funding, Prevailing Wage, regardless of the Yale funding level.