Requests for J-1 Scholars in OISS Connect

This page provides an overview of the updates that you can report in OISS Connect for Initial or Active status J-1 scholar records.

To submit an update, open the scholar's record and select the 'Requests' tab. Click on and complete the appropriate request, including uploading any necessary documents. Finally, click the 'Create Request' button.

OISS will issue the required DS-2019 within 10 business days upon receiving a fully complete OISS Connect Request.  

Submitting an Update

1. Log in to OISS Connect. Search for and open the scholar record you wish to take action on. (When searching, use only one name, e.g. 'Elihu” not “Elihu Yale.”

Search OISS connect using one name and select record of interest in results

2. Open the 'Requests' tab in the scholar's record and click on the desired Request Button (see detailed request function/description below).

Click on requests then select from a number of available options for requests

3. Enter the required information and add any additional comments for OISS.

4. Upload any required documents to the request.

5. Click the Create Request button when done.

Create Request button

Delayed Arrival

Use this request for scholars whose arrival plans have changed.  This may be used for both delayed or early arrivals.  Please enter the new proposed start and end dates as needed.  Scholar records for this request type will ONLY be in the Pending Tab and will be in “Initial” status.

Add New Dependent

Request a J-2 DS-2019 for the scholar's spouse or child dependent (under 21 years old). This request can also be completed and submitted by the J-1 scholar in their OISS Connect account. More details about J-2 status for scholar dependents.

Change Title / Funding (Without Extending)

Report any changes in title and/or funding that do not require an extension of the DS-2019 or a change in Yale host department.

Add Site of Activity

Report a scholar's new work location, including name and address.

Shorten DS-2019

Report when a scholar is finishing at Yale more than 30 days before their DS-2019 end date, or is finishing at Yale and wishes to transfer DS-2019 to another institution in the U.S..

Change Host Department (current dept complete)

Report a scholar's plans to transfer to another department within Yale.

Change Host Department (new dept complete)

Report new appointment information for a scholar that has been recently transferred to your department from another department Yale.

Extend DS-2019

Use this request for scholars who will be continuing in your department and require and extension of their DS-2019.