Inviting a Scholar

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Getting Started

Before you begin the visa sponsorship request with OISS for a new international appointment (whether in the U.S. or abroad), the hiring unit must:

  1. Ensure that the appointment has received all the required university approvals and that the scholar has accepted the offer.
  2. Review the University's immigration sponsorship policy to make sure the position will be supported for visa sponsorship.
  3. Review the available visa options and select the appropriate visa status. In determining the appropriate status, hiring units must consider the source of the compensation and individual's U.S. immigration history, as well as the length of the appointment and future plans of both the department and the individual. Departments are encouraged to consult with OISS prior to finalizing the hire. OISS is also available to talk with the scholar if needed.
  4. Identify source and amount of funding for the appointment and determine the start and end dates of the positions. In setting the start date, make certain there is sufficient time for the OISS and visa issuance process.
  5. Collect the appointment and scholar data required to initiate the New Sponsorship Request (NSR) in OISS Connect.