Setting Up Your Account

After you have been added as an OISS Connect department user, you can set up your account by saving the following information related to your department:

  • Your title
  • Contact information
  • J-1 Site of Activity (physical work locations for your department)

Once saved, this information will be auto-filled, or available from a drop-down, when making future requests in OISS Connect.

Step 1: Navigate to ‘Departmental Configurations’

Click the hamburger icon in the top left corner

A. Click on the three horizontal lines, or 'stack icon', at the top left of the window. hamburger icon

Select Departmental Configurations in the list that unrolls from the left

B. Select ‘Departmental Configurations’.

Step 2: Add Your Title and Contact Information

Fill out contact information as required

C. Enter your title, phone number, and physical campus address.
D. If you represent multiple departments, click each department name. Otherwise skip.

Step 3: Add ‘Site of Activity Information'

Site of Activity is the physical work location/s.

Fill out site of activity information as needed

E. Click the Add button Add button imageat the top right to create a new 'Site of Activity' template, which can be added to J-1 sponsorship requests. Some departments have many different sites and you can add as many as you like as templates.
F. Enter the name of the site (e.g. 'Kline Geology Lab') and the physical, not mailing, address.
G. Be sure to enter the ZIP Code for the physical (e.g. 06510), and not mailing (e.g. 06520), address.

Step 4: Save Your Changes

Select update to save changes
H. Click on the Update button Update button image at the bottom right to save the changes you made on this page.