Next Steps for J-1 Student Intern

Host Department Application Requirements for Obtaining Immigration Documents

  • Confirm all eligibility requirements listed on our overview page.
  • Create an OISS Connect record by completing the New Sponsorship Request Form record for the J-1 Student Intern.
  • Complete the following forms and upload to OISS Connect:
    • Home Institution Certification
    • OISS Intern Data Collection Form
    • If the intern is not receiving a Yale paycheck, proof of funding must meet Yale required minimums (proof may include documents such as a bank statement, written in English).
    • Copy of the “pending email” from EHS confirming VUPRCA status has been requested
    • Passport Identification page
    • Copy of CV
    • Proof of health insurance
    • English Language Proficiency Form (If the intern is attending an undergraduate program conducted in English this form is not needed. However, if their degree program is not in English, please complete this form and indicate whether the faculty supervisor conducted an interview in English or the student intern has taken a recognized standardized test of English as a second language [the department will choose which recognized test to use - TOEFL or IELTS - and what test score is an acceptable minimum])

After Submitting the OISS Connect Record and All Documents to OISS

Upon review of the documents listed above, OISS will generate the form DS-2019 (visa document) and the form DS-7002 (training plan for the internship). OISS will contact the department when the DS-2019 and DS-7002 forms are ready (7-10 business days from date of complete submission). 

Once the forms are issued:

  • OISS will upload an electronic copy of the DS-7002 signed by OISS staff to OISS Connect. The Yale department will need to download and print the form, have the faculty sponsor (the faculty member who is listed under the “Department” tab) sign and date it in ink, and then scan and create a completed DS-7002 in PDF format. 
  • Once the DS-7002 is complete with the signature of the faculty sponsor, the Yale department will then submit a “Host Faculty Signed DS-7002” request in OISS Connect and upoad the completed DS-7002.
  • OISS will upload the signed DS-2019 and DS-7002 forms in OISS Connect and email the J-1 Intern (cc'ing the Yale department) informing them that their documents are ready so that they can apply for their J-1 visa.