Submitting to OISS and Next Steps

Review the Record

Once all required information and documentation has been uploaded by the scholar (see Filling out the Exchange Visitors Section and Uploading Documents for scholar-specific instructions) the department should review the record before submitting to OISS.  Check the 'Department' section, the 'Exchange Visitor' section, and the 'Documents' section to confirm that all required information and documents from both the scholar and the department are present. 

Click the Submit Button

Click the Submit to ISSS Admin button to submit the request to OISS. This step is the only way that OISS knows the record is ready for review. 

Submit button

Once you have submitted the record to OISS you should see a blue bar across the top (see example below) which means that you will NOT have access to make any changes to the record.

Next Steps

  1. OISS will review all of the data and uploaded documentation and process the record.
    • OISS will contact the department should there be any questions or missing information/documents. You must click the Submit button again to resubmit it. 
    • Processing can only start once OISS has received a 100% complete OISS Connect Record. If required information is missing from the scholar or the department, this process will take longer.
  2. After submitting a completed record, it can take up to 10 business days to be processed by OISS, and possibly longer during busier times of the year.
  3. When the record is processed a DS-2019 will be produced for the scholar and an email sent with instructions. The department will receive a copy of the email.
  4. Once a DS-2019 form has been issued, all other changes need to be made using the 'Requests' tab or by clicking the Extend DS-2019 button at the top of the record for J-1 extensions.
  5. The OISS record will remain in the 'Pending' tab until the scholar arrives, and completes both the virtual orientation and OISS check-in.
    • information about the check-in and orientation program is sent directly to the scholar as soon as their DS-2019 is ready and again approximately 15 days prior to their DS-2019 start date.)
    • The department will be able to tell when the scholar has arrived in the U.S. because the OISS Connect record will move from the 'Pending' to the 'Active' tab.