Incoming J-1 Transfers

The Department of State (DOS) permits J-1 exchange visitors (EVs) to transfer to a different sponsor (another institution or another Yale department) if the new activity is consistent with the original J-1 program objective . The Yale faculty supervisor/PI who wishes to accept the EV must explain the continuity of their J-1 Exchange Visitor objective using the Exchange Visitor Objective Continuity Justification Form. OISS will assess transfer eligibility by reviewing the overall information provided with the DS-2019 request. Contact your OISS adviser with your questions about J-1 transfer-in eligibility.

If eligible, the EV will continue in the same J-1 category not exceed the maximum permitted by their J-1 category starting from their original DS-2019 start date. The transfer is processed through an update in the J-1 scholar's SEVIS record and must be completed prior to the end date as noted on the form DS-2019. Upon transfer, the EV will receive a new DS-2019 reflecting the new appointment information.

For J-1 Scholars Transferring to Yale from Another Institution

The requested transfer-in date/appointment start date must be set with sufficient time to clear the Yale new employee background check. The transfer cannot be completed until after the background check is approved.  

J-1 scholars who have a Yale appointment and who are currently in the U.S. in J-1 status must complete the Transfer In Verification Form and attach it to their OISS Connect account (they will receive login information from OISS Connect via email with an invitation to access their record).

In order to complete the transfer and receive a new DS-2019, all new scholars must report to OISS within 15 days of their transfer release date. If on Yale payroll, the scholar must report at latest on the hire date. They may also required to complete a Form I-9 with Employee Services by presenting their DS-2019 (issued by OISS).