Transferring & Leaving Yale

A J-1 Exchange Visitor may change employers or schools, which is referred to as a “transfer.” They may transfer from one designated Exchange Visitor program to another designated program provided the J-1 time does not exceed the maximum permitted by their J-1 category (e.g. a Research Scholar J-1 category has 5 years.)

J-1 scholars intending to transfer to another program should discuss their plans with their OISS adviser, as well as with the international office (not just the hiring department) of the new school. The transfer is processed through an update in the J-1 scholar's SEVIS record and must be completed prior to the end date as noted on the form DS-2019. There can not be any gap of time between the two schools.

How to Request a Transfer

Scholars leaving Yale and transferring to another J-1 program must inform OISS of their intention to transfer to another J-1 program by filling out the Transfer Release Form and uploading it to a “Transfer Out” request in their OISS Connect account.

  1. Scholar completes Part I of the Transfer form
  2. Yale department completes Part II of the Transfer form
  3. New institution completes Part III of the Transfer form
  4. Scholar returns to Yale's OISS Connect account to upload completed form (Scholar is responsible for ensuring all three parts of the form are completed prior to uploading.)
  5. Yale OISS will process the transfer request in SEVIS and send email confirmation

Important Note About Travel

Under U.S. Department of State policy, individuals who hold J status who travel internationally after transferring to a new J program will need a new J visa before returning to the United States under the sponsorship of the new program, even if the current J visa is still valid. For this reason we strongly recommend individuals do not travel internationally within the short time frame of the transfer process.

General Information

Read the Leaving Yale page for helpful general information on leaving Yale.