Report Your Address (for J-1 Scholars)

Federal regulations require that all J-1 scholars report their U.S. residential address, phone number, and email to their program sponsor.

J-1 scholars (in the Research Scholar, Professor, Short Term Scholar, and Student Intern categories) who received a DS-2019 from OISS should update their address and contact information in their OISS Connect account when first arriving in the U.S. J-1 scholars are also required to report within 10 days any change of residential address.


1. Log in to OISS Connect

Log in to OISS Connect

Before arriving at Yale, you used OISS Connect to provide documents and information for obtaining your DS-2019. When at Yale, you will continue using that same email username, even though you may have obtained a Yale email address and saved it in your account.

If you need to reset your password, click “Forgot your password?” on the above login page. Enter your email username and wait for the page to confirm that a reset password email was sent. The email will be sent to whatever email address was last saved in your account.

2. Update Your Information

In the Profile tab of your OISS Connect account, click the pencil icon in the top right of the My Contact Information section.

Click on profile then edit contact information by selecting pencil icon

Fill out or update the following fields. Make sure to click “Update” when done.

US Physical Address: Your local residential street address. Make sure to complete all fields; only Address Line 2 is optional (e.g. Apt # 1).

Primary Email Address: Your email address, if available; otherwise, the email address you using for Yale-related messages. OISS will message you at this email address. Note that changing this email address will not change your OISS Connect username.

Primary Phone Number: Your primary US phone number. Please enter only seven numbers, starting with the three-digit area code (e.g. 2034322305). Do not enter spaces or dashes or the +1 country code.