Incidental Activities Request

As a J-1 Scholar (professor, researcher, short-term scholar or specialist), your employment in the United States is limited to the activity and location described on your DS-2019 form.

Use this request to receive permission to engage in paid or unpaid opportunities and engagements beyond what is listed on your DS-2019, such as the occasional lecture or short-term consultation.

About This Request

When This Permission is Required

Scholars should not accept any new opportunities, either paid or unpaid, beyond what is listed on your DS-2019 without first checking with their OISS adviser. This includes any kind of compensation (money, gift cards, etc.) for services, including clinical trials, guest lectures and in some cases earnings from editorial work or royalties from publications.

When to Make This Request

It is the scholar’s responsibility to secure authorization before the start of the proposed activity and provide the authorization letter to the host organization or institution if requested.

Activity Requirements

Per 22 CFR 62.20(g)(1), J-1 scholars are permitted to engage in occasional lectures and consultations at outside locations with the prior approval of their J-1 sponsor. The proposed activity must:

  • Be directly related to the objectives of your J-1 program at Yale
  • Be incidental to your primary program activity at Yale
  • Not delay the completion of your J-1 program

How to Make This Request

If Yale is your J-1 sponsor, you must complete the J-1 Incidental Activities Request as described in the following sections in order to receive written permission before the proposed activity start date.

If your J-1 sponsor is an external agency or organization, you will need permission from this organization, and cannot use the following method to make this request.

1. Complete the J-1 Occasional Lecture/Short Term Consultation Application Form

Download and complete the J-1 Occasional Lecture/Short Term Consultation Application Form. This form includes information about:

  • The scholar, including their SEVIS number
  • The institution hosting the incidental activity, including an offer or invitation letter/email providing details about the lecture or consultation
  • The supervisor's recommendation, specifically how the proposed activity will benefit the scholar.

The completed form and all attachments must be saved as PDFs.

2. Submit the Form in OISS Connect

  1. Log into OISS Connect with your email address and password (not NetID)
  2. Click on the Requests tab:
    Requests tab
  3. Click the J-1 Incidental Activities Request button under 'Available Requests' at the bottom left.
  4. Enter information about the activity.
  5. Upload both of these files as PDFs:
    • The completed J-1 Occasional Lecture/Short Term Consultation Application form
    • The offer or invitation letter/email providing details about the lecture or consultation, from the inviting institution
  6. Confirm that both documents are attached by answering 'Yes' to the final two questions.
  7. Click the Create Request button at the bottom of the window to complete the request.
Important Note:
You must upload both the completed J-1 Occasional Lecture/Short Term Consultation Application form and a copy of the invitation letter/email detailing the engagement as PDFs. If a file is in another format, you can convert them to PDF using these instructions.

Next Steps after Submitting this Request

Your request should be processed within 5-10 business days. Once your request has been approved by OISS and entered into SEVIS, you will receive an email notification. If you need a Social Security Number, follow these steps.

Need Help?

If you have any questions about completing this request, please email your OISS Adviser.