J-1 Extensions

Requesting a J-1 Extension

Time limitations: Check the scholar record in OISS Connect to confirm the scholar's J-1 category. In addition to the limitations on each J-1 category,  there are also Yale policies on how long an appointment may be extended. Before making an extension request you will need to review both criteria to make sure the scholar is eligible for an extension.

  • J-1 Research Scholar: Five year maximum

  • J-1 Short Term Scholar: Six month maximum

  • J-1 Student Intern : One year maximum

  • J-1 Non-degree student: Two year maximum

Funding: Enter the funding for the new period of extended time only. You can review Yale funding minimums here. If there is any non-Yale funding please upload the information in the Documents tab in OISS Connect.

Changes in Yale appointment or work location: Confirm in OISS Connect the Yale work location and check the box if the appointment title has changed.

Please note: J-1 scholars who are seeking a waiver of the two year home residency requirement are not “considered eligible for an extension program beyond the date on the current DS-2019” once they are notified that the U.S. Department of State (DOS) has sent a favorable recommendation that the waiver be granted. This applies even if they may not have completed the maximum duration of participation permitted for the category.”

Requesting an Extension in OISS Connect

1. Log in to OISS Connect. Search for and open the active scholar record you wish to extend. 

Search in OISS connect using only one name and select the active scholar record you wish to extend

2. Click on the 'Extend DS-2019' request button at the top of the record.

*Note on 11/16/2023: due to a software error, this request is currently called 'Extend DS-2019 (Temporary)' and is a temporary replacement for this request type. Functionality remains identical to the previous request type.

Click on the Extend DS-2019 button

3. Enter the requested information and add any additional comments for OISS.

4. Upload any required documents to the request, such as appointment approval or evidence of non-Yale funding.

5. Click the Create Request button when done.

Click on create request button after filling out all fields