Uploading Documents

This is a guide for department administrators on what documents OISS requires for J-1 sponsorship requests, and how to upload them to OISS Connect.

Deleting files: At the moment you cannot delete files that were uploaded erroneously. Please do not click on the minus button Minus button to ‘Reject’ a document. All this does is to notify the scholar (which can cause confusion.) We recommend you just leave the documents as they are unless there is confidential information you need expunged. In that case please contact your OISS adviser.

Before You Begin

You will need the following required documents to complete this section.

Uploaded by Department

If method is interview or English Language test:

If Postgrad Associate/Fellow, Visiting Fellow, Laboratory Associate or Visiting Faculty:

  • Appointment Application approved by OPA or the Faculty Affairs as appropriate (some applications may require OGC approval before OPA/Faculty Affairs grant their approval.)

If OISS will mail DS-2019:

  • Courier Label
  • Please use only FedEx or UPS

If J-1 Student Intern:

Uploaded by Scholar or Department

  • Passport Bio Page
  • CV

If requesting J-2 sponsorship for dependent:

  • Child and Spouse passports

If not receiving 100% of funding from Yale:

  • Financial Support

If J-1 Student Intern:

  • Proof of health insurance

If previous on J-1 visa:

  • Previous J-1 DS-2019s
  • Two-year home residence requirement waiver/application (if acquired)
  • Current Institution Transfer Form (if transferring J-1 status to Yale)

Step 1: Prepare Files for Upload

Combine same-type documents into one file.


Give the file a descriptive name on your computer before uploading to OISS Connect. Name the document file based on the content. For example, 'EAD Card Scan.pdf' or 'Form I-20.pdf'.

Step 2: Reopen Scholar Record

Reopen the scholar card

In the Dashboard, in the 'Pending Records' tab, click on the scholar’s record to re-open the request.

Step 3: Go to 'Documents' Tab

documents tab

Click the 'Documents' tab at the top of the scholar record.

Step 4: Click 'Required Documents' Section

On the left side of the screen, select the 'Required Documents' section.

Step 5: Drop or Browse for Files

documents upload section

Upload files here by clicking the Browse… button or dragging and dropping a file in this space. Multiple files may be added at the same time.

Documents mistakenly added can be removed by clicking the trashcan icon trashcan icon.

Step 6: Select File Type

File type

Step 7: Click Upload

List of attachments upload

Click the Upload button at the bottom to save documents to the record.

Step 8: Review Uploaded Documents

Saved Attachments

Currently, it is not possible to delete documents once uploaded. Please do not click on the minus button Minus button to ‘Reject’ a document, as this will automatically send an email to the scholar.

If you need to change the File Type of an uploaded document, you can do this by clicking on the Change Category button.

Help Us Help You!
Please be sure to submit all the information and documents in the scholar request as completely as possible and review your work before you submit it to us. This makes the process much faster and easier for all parties!