Submitting to OISS

Once all required information and documentation has been uploaded by the scholar (see 'Exchange Visitor' tab) the department should review the record before submitting to OISS. Please remember to check the 'Department' tab, the 'Exchange Visitor' tab, and the 'Documents' tab to confirm that all required information and documents are present.

Submit to ISSS Admin button

Once you have submitted the record to OISS you should see a blue bar across the top (see example below) which means that you will have limited access to make any changes to the record.

OISS will review all of the data and uploaded documentation, and contact the department should there be questions. Otherwise, a DS-2019 will be produced for the scholar, and an email with instructions will be sent to the scholar with a copy to the department. The OISS record will remain in the 'Pending' tab until the scholar arrives and attends orientation (Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:00 am.) The department will be able to tell when the scholar has attended orientation because the OISS Connect record will move from the 'Pending' to the 'Active' tab.