F-1 Employment with an International Organization

This F-1 employment benefit allows F-1 students to work for recognized international organizations within the meaning of the International Organization Immunities Act [59 Stat. 669]. A student is eligible as soon as they is in F-1 status – there is no waiting period. The work does not have to be related to a student’s course of study. Time approved by USCIS to work for an International Organization will not be deducted from your 12 month period of Optional Practical Training.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The employment is for an internship with a recognized international organization and is within the scope of the organization's sponsorship.
  • The student is in good academic standing.
  • The employment may constitute up to 20 hours per week when school is in session*, or may be full-time during periods of recess.
  • Authorization is only available while student is in F-1 status, before completion of the academic program.

* F-1 students may work up to 20 hours a week while school is in session per federal immigration regulations, but per Yale policy students may not work more than 19 hours (combined for all jobs) in any week during the academic terms. Exceptions are Ph.D. students, who may not work more than 10 hours (combined for all hourly jobs) in any week during academic terms unless they have the required permission of the director of graduate studies, in consultation with the appropriate associate dean.

Application Process

  • Submit the offer letter from the International Organization to OISS as early as 90 days before you wish to begin employment. The letter needs to include the following details: (1) description of internship, (2) dates of employment, (3) place of employment and (4) number of hours per week.
  • OISS will review your request and issue a form I-20 with the recommendation for the employment on page 3.
  • Print and mail to USCIS (there is no online application option) your application with all the documents listed below:
    • I-20: Copy of the I-20 with your International Organization recommendation (pgs 1-3) from OISS
    • Employment offer: Copy of offer letter from International Organization
    • Form I-765: Completed and signed form I-765. Note that the answer to question #16 is ( c ) ( 3 ) ( ii )
    • Form G-1145: Completed G-1145
    • Photos: Two recent photos meeting the specification requirements.
    • Immigration documents: Your passport ID page, visa pages, and your I-94 record printed from this website.
    • Payment: A check or U.S. money order made out to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for $410
    • Application Submission: I-765 application and all of the required documentation above must be sent to the USCIS Lockbox facility. Find the correct lockbox and the relevant address here (look under “Foreign Students”, category (c)(3)(ii)). Please note that the address of the lockbox facility is slightly different depending on your mailing method (via USPS or courier service).

After Submitting Your Application

  • Upon receipt of application, USCIS will be send you a Receipt Notice. This notice will provide you with information to track the progress of your case on line on the USCIS website. It can take up to 90 days to process this application.
  • If approved, you will receive an employment authorization document (EAD card)
  • You may not begin employment, prior to the start date noted on your EAD card and may not work longer than through the end date.