Applying for CPT

General Application Process

  1. If all eligibility requirements are met, then you may create and submit an online CPT Request in OISS Connect. You can find the link to create a CPT request below in the section that applies to you.
  2. Be prepared to attach documentation of your employment agreement (could be a letter or a contract). The proof of employment must contain the following information:
    1. Name of employer
    2. Physical address of work site
    3. Start date and end date of the practical experience 
    4. A brief description of your employment
  3. You must submit your CPT request before your CPT begins.
  4. A new form I-20 will be issued denoting the employer and the dates authorized on page two. You can present this new I-20, along with your passport and I-94 record as proof of employment authorization to your employer.
  5. Apply for a Social Security Number if you do not have one already.

Instructions by School