OPT Reporting Requirements

While on Pre-Completion OPT:

  • There are no reporting requirements for Pre-Completion OPT.

While on Post-Completion OPT:

You can find a summary of your reporting requirements below. While OISS will continue to support you during this period by maintaining your SEVIS record, it is your responsibility to report the required information related to your OPT. You will receive an email from SEVP with your portal login information on the first day of your OPT employment period. 

Important Note for Students on STEM Extension OPT:
Please follow these instructions instead. The below tool is for Post-Completion OPT (first year of OPT) only.

Don't forget to let OISS know each time you update your employer information via the SEVP portal so that you may receive your new I-20. 

If for any reason you are unable to use the SEVP Portal, please use the OISS Connect OPT Update Tool

When Do You Need to Submit an OPT Update?

Within 10 Days of Any of the Following:

  • Start of employment (ideally you should report as soon as possible once your OPT is approved to prevent SEVIS counting days of unemployment)
  • End of employment
  • Change of employers
  • Current employer changes name and/or address
  • Change of Visa Status (e.g. to H-1B)
  • Change in residential address
  • Update to biographical information (e.g. name, surname, etc.)
  • Leaving the U.S. and not intending to use OPT anymore

How to Use the SEVP Portal

  • If you need to reset your SEVP portal password, please let your OISS adviser know and they can send you a link to do so.
  • Employment is “full time” if you are working more than 20 hours per week.
  • Employment is “part time” if you are working 20 hours per week or less in your role. Remember that the unemployment clock will not stop unless you are working more than 20 hours per week while on OPT.
  • If working fully remotely, OISS recommends that you report your entire home address (number, street, city, state, zip code) in the second line of the employer address.
  • You must maintain a valid U.S. address in the SEVP Portal throughout your OPT period. Both your physical and your mailing address must be in the U.S.
  • You may edit an employer record that you submit to the SEVP Portal, but do not delete previous employers unless you entered them by mistake. Doing so will impact your unemployment counter. When leaving a job, simply add the end date to your old employer, and initiate a new record for your new employer. 
  • SEVP Portal messaging will encourage you to contact the SEVP Help Center when you encounter difficulties, however, please contact your OISS Adviser first. For any technical questions, see the SEVP Portal instructions.
  • If using the OISS Connect OPT update request, you must answer at least the first question in each questionnaire to be able to submit the request. You must submit the request in order for OISS to be able to review it. Please allow 3-5 business days for OISS to review your request.  

Travel Signatures

Please remember that travel signatures are valid for 6 months when you are on OPT. If you need a new signature at any point, please let your OISS adviser know.