Language Conversation Groups

Members of spanish conversation group around table at meeting
Important Note:
Please note that all language groups will be meeting virtually or off-campus this fall. 

About the Language Conversation Groups

OISS hosts a number of language groups that meet at the International Center weekly. The purpose of these groups threefold:

  • to create a community of people based in language interest,
  • to foster cross-cultural exchange,
  • and to provide a welcoming space where people can learn at their own comfort.

They are meant to provide a way to practice language skills that have already been acquired elsewhere.

So, whether you are new to Yale and New Haven, or you've been here for a while, we welcome all members of the Yale community to come participate in our groups. You don't have to be a native speaker, or highly fluent, all you need is the desire to connect with other people though language.

Chinese Conversation Group

Join us for a Chinese Conversation group that provides a relaxing environment to have a conversation in Mandarin Chinese. People of all skill levels are welcome, including beginners, experts, native speakers, and everyone in between. Please come join us! You can improve your Chinese and learn more about China and Chinese culture by discussing a variety of topics. Please contact, find us on Facebook, or on Wechat with ID: Yale OISS Chinese Conversation!

Weekly Meeting:

  • Fridays, 4:30-5:30pm
  • Meeting Virtually - Join Facebook Group for details

Japanese Conversation Group

You can improve your Japanese and also learn about Japanese culture! Let's enjoy Japanese traditional games, seasonal events, and so on! For questions, please send an email to Join us on Facebook!

Weekly Meeting:

  • Sundays, 2-3pm - meeting in-person in a local coffee shop - see Facebook page for details

Spanish Conversation Groups

We also have a Spanish Conversation Group for mid-level or advanced/native Spanish speakers. This group will engage in lively discussion and allows you to meet fellow speakers from around the world!

The SCG is not a language class, but rather a weekly opportunity to practice your language skills in a pleasant, low-key setting. Find them on Facebook for more details!

Weekly Meeting:

  • Meeting Virtually - see Facebook Group for Details
  • Spanish Conversation Group - Fridays, 3-4:00pm