English Conversation Groups

English conversation group meeting

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We have moved our daily English Conversation Groups online. Email Assistant Director for Programs, Molly Hampton, to receive the dial in information for Zoom (these groups are only open to Yale affiliates).

We are happy to announce that our daily English Conversation Groups have gone virtual!

Join us on Zoom for a daily conversation to check in, connect with other international students, and practice your English conversational skills. The Zoom calls take place Monday through Friday from 12:30-1:30 PM, and are facilitated by a volunteer several days throughout the week. *This group is only open to Yale Affiliates.

Zoom Guidelines & Instructions for English Conversation Groups

Setting Up & Using the Platform

Zoom is a conference platform available online or over the phone. We will be using Zoom to continue our English Conversation Groups virtually for the rest of the spring semester. To join the Zoom call, you can join via computer or phone. If possible, we recommend everyone to join using your computer with a webcam, so you can stay connected to the group virtually.

These Zoom meetings are scheduled for Monday through Friday from 12:30-1:30pm, and you will use the same login information every day. Please email Assistant Director for Programs, Molly Hampton, to receive the Zoom details.

The first time you join the Zoom call on your computer, you may be asked to download Zoom on your computer. This typically only takes a few minutes but give yourself some time before the call to get this set-up.

Watch this short video for helpful tips on using the platform and joining with video and audio.

Watch this video to learn more about Zoom controls and how to best use the system.

More video instructions for using Zoom

Group Guidelines

When you join the call, make sure to put yourself on mute (either on your computer or on your phone). This will help to keep background noise to a minimum. Just remember to unmute yourself whenever you speak (see videos above for guidance). We suggest wearing earbuds or headphones to avoid feedback and echoes.

When the group has an English Conversation Facilitator, they will help to lead the call and direct conversation.

When the group does not have a Facilitator, please use this time to check-in on one another and pick a topic to discuss. Please make sure everyone has a chance to talk throughout the conversation.

If everyone joins with a computer, Zoom has a chat function that you can use to ask questions or “raise your hand” to speak next. If everyone joins via video, you can also physically raise your hand, that way participants aren’t speaking over one another.

English Language Programs

Heralded for superior attention to the English language needs of Yale international students and scholars, the English Language Program at Yale (ELP) was created specifically to support their English language academic and professional development needs. The ELP offers academic courses in speaking, writing, vocabulary, Teaching in the American Classroom, and Professional Communication Skills to prepare students for their academic classes, teaching, professional presentations, and careers beyond Yale. The twelve-week courses meet in the Center for Language Study (CLS) Well-equipped multimedia facilities with specialized software and self-study material are also available for use in the CLS by Yale international students and scholars with a valid ID.