International Spouses & Partners at Yale (ISPY)


Meet other spouses & partners and learn more about the opportunities and resources available to you at Yale and in New Haven.

Who is ISPY?

Like you, we are spouses and partners of students and scholars at Yale. We have shared your experiences in settling in and accessing resources here at Yale and in the community of New Haven.

We would like to welcome and meet you, share activities, information, and friendship with you, and to put you in contact with other spouses and partners. We would encourage you to get involved and make your stay at Yale a positive and enriching experience. As part of such a diverse and culturally rich community, we have much to offer one another and there is much offered to us.

How Do I Get Involved?

See our list of ongoing ISPY Events to find other spouses and partners that share your interests.

Find us on Facebook: International Spouses & Partners at Yale - ISPY

Our History

ISPY was founded in the fall of 2000. It was established initially to help address the needs of the international spouses and partners community, but has now become a truly international group by having active international as well as American members. This vibrant group is generously supported by the OISS.