STEM OPT Reporting Requirements

About STEM OPT Reporting Requirements

  • You continue to hold F-1 status sponsored by Yale and your F-1 record remains active in the government database SEVIS.
  • Reporting requirements include periodic confirmation (every 6 months) that you continue to maintain your STEM OPT activity even if nothing has changed.
  • The responsibility to report information related to your STEM OPT extension rests primarily with you or your employer, but OISS will continue to support you during this period and will remain responsible for maintaining your record and updating your information in SEVIS.

How to Report STEM OPT Updates

  • You cannot use the SEVP Portal for your STEM OPT updates. Instead, you must use the OISS Connect STEM OPT Employment Update tool.  
  • You must complete at least the first question in each of the questionnaires – even those that are not relevant to you – in order to be able to submit the request. Once you submit your request, OISS will review it and issue you a new I-20. 

Submitting Your Report

  • Certain changes in your employment information or periods of reporting will also involve submitting an updated Form I-983. Please read below to find out which reporting requirements will involve an update to Form I-983.
  • You do not need to email your Form I-983 to your adviser separately; we collect them through OISS Connect.
  • You can report multiple updates at once. Simply fill out all reports that apply to you at the time you are submitting the update.
  • When you fill out a report, you must click “Submit” once you are done entering information. If you only click “Save” it will save the information, but the system will not notify your adviser for review. You need to click “submit” to successfully send your update for review.

Report STEM OPT Information Now

When Do You Need to Submit a STEM OPT Update?

  1. Within 10 days of any change in the following areas:
    • Legal Name
    • Residential address.  This address is required to be the actual physical location where you reside, rather than a mailing address.  OISS does not mail anything to this address.
    • Employer name and address
    • Change in status of current employment
    • Loss of employment
    • Change of employers
    • End of employment
    • Change of status to a different visa category
    • Transfer to another F-1 program.
  2. Every 6 months regardless if there is a change or not in areas listed above.

Which STEM OPT Updates Require You to Submit an Updated I-983 Form?

You Must Submit a STEM OPT Update with an Updated I-983 Form Within 10 Days Of:

  1. Any change in the following areas:
    • Employer name and address
    • Decrease in your compensation
    • Reduction in hours worked to less than 20 hours a week
    • Employer's EIN
    • Termination of employment
  2. Change of employers: You and your old employer will need to update your existing I-983 form by filling out the final evaluation, and you and your new employer must complete a new I-983 form.
  3. The first 12 months on the STEM OPT extension (i.e. 12 months from the start date of your STEM OPT, not the start date of your current employment): You must submit your updated I-983 with the first self-evaluation. The section titled “Evaluation on Student Progress” on page 5 of the I-983 form needs to be filled out and signed by you and your supervisor.
  4. The completion of the 24-month extension period, the effective date of your change of status to a new visa category, or the end of employment: You must submit your updated I-983 with the final self-evaluation. The section titled “Final Evaluation on Student Progress” on page 5 of the I-983 form needs to be filled out and signed by you and your supervisor.