Form I-983 Training Plan

The purpose of the Form I-983 is to ensure that you continue a rigorous training program that builds on the skills you obtained as a full-time student. You and your supervisor must agree on the components of the plan as follows: your role in the work place, the goals and objectives of the proposed training, how the employer will provide oversight of the plan, and what set of measures and assessments will be used. Both you and your supervisor must sign this form and send it to your designated OISS adviser for review.

Tips for completing the I-983:

  • Start with the SEVP instructions for students and employers to complete the I-983 as a helpful guide as you complete the form.
  • Use the name and contact information of your designated OISS adviser as your Designated School Official (DSO).
  • Yale's SEVIS School Code is found on Page 1 of your I-20 under School Information, and begins with the letters BOS.
  • Your CIP code is assigned to your major and can be found on your I-20 or on a degree verification. The number format will be 00.0000. If this number is not easily found on either, please contact your academic institution to obtain your CIP code.
  • Contact your employer to obtain the company's EIN (tax ID number), NAISC code, and E-Verify information.

A full overview of the application requirements including instructions for your employer can be found on The Study in the States hub.

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