Employment for Spouses, Partners, and Children

Meeting at work

F-2 Status

Individuals in F-2 status may not work in the U.S. Please see the F-2 Status for Spouses, Partners & Children page for more information.

J-2 Status

J-2 visa holders (the spouses, partners, and dependent children of J-1's) may apply to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for permission to work in the United States. This work authorization is called an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). 

Obtaining a Work Permit in the U.S. on a J-2 Visa

Learn how to obtain this J-2 work permission.

H-4 Status

Individuals in H-4 status may not work in the U.S.

O-3 Status

Individuals in O-3 status may not work in the U.S.