Renewing Green Card (Legal Permanent Resident Status)

For Yale affiliates with legal permanent resident status, remember that your green card (form I-551) is only issued in 10 year increments. Because renewal of the green card is a personal application Yale is not able to complete the application forms on your behalf. It is advisable to apply early to renew the card (at least 6 months) and in complicated situations it may be necessary to hire an immigration attorney. At present it is not recommended that you use the “electronic filing” option. A paper application is best. Also note that in most cases all you are attesting to in the application is that the U.S. is your primary residence, and that your current green card is expiring. Other types of green card (marriage to U.S. citizen, etc)  have other conditions. The following are some resources for understanding how to renew the card:

Form I-90

USCIS overview

USCIS two-page flyer