Maintaining Permanent Resident Status

For Yale sponsored green cards (employment based) there are no conditions on what on does during the period the green card is valid, with a few exceptions; not breaking any laws, and not spending expended periods of time outside the U.S. (or otherwise abandoning legal resident status in the U.S.) For other types of green card (e.g. marriage to U.S. citizen) there are other conditions. For researchers and faculty who need to take long periods of time outside the U.S. it is important to understand some of the “residency” requirements so that you do not inadvertently abandon your green card. Because maintaining legal permanent resident status is a personal matter, OISS is not able to advise on the topic. However, we can refer you to a qualified immigration attorney, or you can do your own research by using the resources below.

USCIS “After the green card is granted”

USCIS “Rights and Responsibilities…”

Curran & Berger “How to keep your green card”

The Seltzer Firm “Maintaining Permanent resident Status”

KLASKO Immigration Partners ” Green Card Holders Guide….”