Academic Training

Academic Training is an employment authorization status granted to eligible J-1 students for employment related to your field of study.  It is authorized by your J-1 program sponsor and does not require further authorization. If Yale University is your J program sponsor, i.e. Yale issued your DS-2019, an OISS adviser will review your application and authorize your employment under academic training. If your DS-2019 was not issued by Yale University, contact the program sponsor.  Academic training is available during your academic program and/or upon its completion. To be eligible for academic training, you must be in good academic status and the proposed employment must be related to your major field of study.

Length of Academic Training

The length of Academic Training permitted is based on degree level and the length of your program of study.  Note that any Academic Training used prior to completion of studies is deducted from the total time allowed.  Part-time employment (less than 20 hours a week) counts at the same rate as full-time employment. 

  • Yale College:  18 months or the length of the academic program whichever is less
  • Graduate and Professional School programs longer than 18 months:  18 months
  • Graduate and Professional School programs less than 18 months: Academic Training must be less than or equal to your program length. Example: If your academic program is 9 months, you can only have 9 months of Academic Training.
  • PhD programs: ​Up to 36 months, only 18 months may be used before the completion of study.  A maximum of 18 months of Academic Training can be authorized at a time.

Applying for Academic Training

When to Apply.  For post-completion Academic Training (employment after graduation), you must apply before the end date on your DS-2019 and before you begin the employment. For pre-completion Academic Training (during your period of full time study) you must apply before you begin the employment.

To apply, make an appointment with your OISS adviser and bring the following documents listed below to your appointment.  If eligible, your OISS adviser will approve your Academic Training and will be issued a new DS-2019 form

  • The Advisor Recommendation Form [PDF] completed by you and your academic advisor.
  • The offer letter from your employer on letterhead.

Reporting Requirements while on Academic Training

You will need to report to OISS any changes in your address.  If you change employers, you will need to apply for a new period of Academic Training per the instructions above.  You must maintain health insurance coverage for yourself and any J-2 dependents throughout your Academic Training.

After Academic Training

Once your academic training is completed, you have a thirty day grace period to depart from the U.S. You will not be eligible to change to the J visa research scholar category immediately following the end of your J-1 student status as you will be subject to a “12 month Bar.”