Bulldog Mobile        Bulldog Mobile (LiveSafe) App

Bulldog Mobile is an app that gives students, staff, and faculty on campus an effective way to communicate with the Yale Police Department. Make sure to download it on your iPhone or Android

Campus & Home Safety        Campus & Home Safety

With city living, it is important to take steps to stay safe, and Yale invests in significant public safety resources which you can access.

Digital Security        Digital Security

Digital crime is a growing problem not only in the U.S., but worldwide. But if you exercise caution and educate yourself, you can increase your chances of not becoming a victim of a scam or a scheme. 

Emergency Information        Emergency Information

Important contacts, websites, and reporting structures to be aware of in case of emergency! 

Identity Theft        Identity Theft

When is it ok to give out your personal data? What can you do to prevent identity theft? Answers to those questions here! 

 Law Enforcement        Law Enforcement

In the unlikely event of being stopped by U.S. law enforcement officials, it is important to know your rights. 


Scams & Fraud        Scams & Fraud

While we hope no one runs into this issue while they are in the U.S., here are some tips and tricks to help you spot these issues and ways to deal with them!


U.S. Laws      U.S. Laws

While you're at Yale, you are expected to follow laws and policies that govern a vareity of daily life and academic activites - make sure you know what they are! 

What To Do In A Crisis

        What To Do In A Crisis

Whether you need immediate or on-going support in a time of crisis, there are many resources available to get the help you need.