One of the more pleasant aspects of living in New Haven is that it often feels like a small town. However, it is an urban environment, which means that it is important to take the safety precautions you would take in a big city anywhere. “Better safe than sorry” is an expression that means you should follow your instincts about staying safe. Sensitivity to cultural differences can be extremely helpful when applying safety rule number one: Trust your instincts. Understandably, trusting one’s instincts can be tricky in an unfamiliar culture since not everything will make sense. Although Yale University has its own patrol and the City of New Haven police force patrols the surrounding areas on foot, bike and horseback, remember that they cannot at be all places at all times.

Bulldog Mobile (LiveSafe) App

Bulldog Mobile is an app that gives students, staff, and faculty on campus an effective way to communicate with Yale Police (YPD) via a mobile device. With Bulldog Mobile, you can use your smart phone as a personal security device to provide the YPD with accurate information about yourself and your GPS location.