On-Campus Housing

On-Campus Housing

Residential college facade

On-campus housing is available for degree-seeking students.

Yale College Students

First year Yale College students will be assigned to one of the fourteen residential colleges, usually in late June or early July. During your first year, if you are in Benjamin Franklin, Pauli Murray, Silliman, or Timothy Dwight, you will live in your own college just like the upperclassmen. If you are in Branford, Davenport, Morse, or Saybrook, you will live in your own college during your first year, along with juniors and seniors, and will move to Old Campus in your sophomore year. If you are in Berkeley, Ezra Stiles, Grace Hopper, Jonathan Edwards, Pierson, or Trumbull you will be housed on Old Campus during your first year and move to your own college in your sophomore year. While most Yale College students will live on campus for four years, some juniors and seniors choose to live off campus.

Graduate and Professional (G&P) Students

Graduate and Professional (G&P) students seeking a Yale degree can find information about on-campus housing through Yale Housing. On-campus housing is limited, so many G&P students (including non-degree students) live off-campus and rent an apartment, house, or room, which is available in a range of prices, situations, and conditions. You can also find an important calendar of key dates on Yale Housing.

On-campus housing application becomes available around April 20th. The earlier you apply, the higher your chances of finding on-campus housing.

Personal Property Insurance

It may be a good idea to purchase Personal Property Insurance in case of an unlikely loss or damage to your personal belongings.