Orientation Assistant (OA)

Open to Yale Graduate & Professional Students
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Orientation Assistants (OAs) are an integral part of the Office for International Students & Scholars Graduate & Professional School orientation sessions. G&P International Orientation Assistants (OA’s) will work in a team of two to four to assist the Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS) in welcoming and orienting newly-arrived incoming international students.

The three main areas of responsibility are:

  1. Assisting the OISS staff during scheduled orientation sessions, including presenting on student life at Yale and New Haven. We encourage OAs to draw on their personal experiences to highlight tips and tricks to graduate life at Yale.
  2. Posting discussion topics and long-form posts to our pre-arrival portal on Yale Connect.
  3. Executing orientation programs and events for new graduate and professional students.

Those who serve as OA’s should enjoy meeting and orienting new people, and serve as spirited ambassadors for Yale and New Haven. OAs will help set a welcoming tone by encouraging new arrivals and their accompanying families to explore and get to know the city and the university, and take part in orientation activities. Arrival and orientation weeks are the busiest times of the year, and it is essential that OA’s be self-directed, energetic and ready to jump in where needed.

OISS Check-in Duties:

Energetic, flexible, and the ability to stay welcoming and cheerful under pressure are key for this the position. Assistance is needed for directing the students, fielding many questions, and creating a welcoming and calm atmosphere during the check-in and orientation sessions. 

Orientation Programming Responsibilities:

OAs will work closely with our Associate Director of Engagement to facilitate 5-6 post-program orientation programs at the beginning of the fall semester. OA’s should also be ready to oversee several other orientation events as assigned, which may include information sessions, cultural and/or academic orientation, socials, etc.


  • One to two paid trainings in May and early June, lasting approx. 1 hour in length (virtual/in-person options)
  • 2 virtual pre-arrival orientation sessions (one in June and one in July)
  • Three to four paid trainings in middle/end of July, each training lasting approx. 2 hours (virtual/in-person options)
  • Must be in-person in New Haven no later than the first week of August, as most orientation sessions take place between end of July-beginning of September
  • For the duration of the position, you can expect 35-45 hours total; the majority of the work will take place before fall classes start, but some of the post-orientation programs will continue into September. This will include some evenings or weekends.

Salary: $15.75/hour

Qualifications & Skills:

Must be a Yale graduate or professional student starting at least their 2nd year in Fall 2023. Must be in good academic & disciplinary standing. G&P students in their non-coursework/dissertation years are also encouraged to apply (the position would be made compatible with UDF requirements, for example).

Must have a keen interest in or ability in the following areas:

  • Working with diverse populations from around the globe.
  • Cross-cultural communication competency.
  • A commitment to courteous and comprehensive customer service.
  • Able to work well both independently and as part of a team.
  • Hold up well under pressure and enjoy a fast-paced work environment.
  • Have excellent organization skills, reliability and punctuality.
  • Public speaking skills.
  • Comfortable speaking about your experiences in Yale and New Haven.


  • Previous experience working as an Orientation Leader, McDougal Fellow, or similar position.
  • Social Media content creation.
  • Office skills/experience – photocopying, scanning, computer skills.
  • Public speaking/teaching experience, preferably at the graduate level.
  • Availability to work periodically during summer months, either remotely or in New Haven.
  • Fluency in other languages.
  • Previous experience working as an orientation leader in some other capacity.
  • Study abroad experience or having gone through the international student experience at Yale.

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Student Employment Reference Number: 21280

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