Staying at Yale after F-1 OPT Expires

When your F-1 OPT authorizations expires, you cannot continue employment at Yale unless you have a new immigration status. If your Yale host department wants you to continue to work at Yale after your OPT expires, they will need to request new Yale visa sponsorship.

How the New Visa Sponsorship Process Starts

To request new visa sponsorship, the Yale host department must submit a New Sponsorship Request (NSR) in OISS Connect.

How the New Visa Status is Selected

An OISS adviser will consult with the Yale host department and employee to determine which U.S. immigration status is most appropriate given a particular academic appointment and taking into consideration the employee’s immediate needs and future plans.

Begin the Process to Apply for a Visa Sponsorship as Early as Possible

The process to obtain new visa sponsorship takes an average of 4-5 months (or even longer in some cases).  Therefore, it is critical to begin this process as early as possible. If your OPT or STEM OPT authorization expires before the new immigration status is approved, there will be a gap in employment eligibility and you may need to temporarily stop working until the new status is approved.  

New Visa Status Options by Yale Appointment Type

There may be multiple options for your new immigration status, depending on the position.  Please see visa options for international faculty and researchers to  give you an idea of the options available. If you have questions please consult with an OISS adviser.