O-1 Cover Pages

OISS has created a basic template of cover pages that spans most of the possible sections of the eight USCIS criteria. The purpose is to differentiate and organize various sections of the application. After your sponsorship is accepted, OISS will send you a file of cover page template via email. You will customize these cover pages to suit your own application. Eventually they will also assist USCIS adjudicators navigate various sub-sections of your entire portfolio.

Some key points to note:

  • Even though, the Cover pages address all eight categories and most sub-sections to be used, it may not be all inclusive. Please customize to add new ones, if needed.
  • The eight categories are rather fluid and broad. Your supporting materials will be placed in the most appropriate of the categories that best captures and enhances your achievement and thus your application.
  • One has to be careful about the these two categories: “Awards” and “Memberships in Associations” have a high standard to fulfill as an independent category. If they are significant, they can be used to fulfill a category independently. Otherwise they will be covered under “Original Scientific Research” category which is a catch-all term for all other accomplishments.
  • The cover pages should be printed in color paper. Do not use yellow, pink or orange as USCIS uses those colors internally.

As a first step, send only the completed cover pages without any supporting documentation to uma.shankar@yale.edu. Please ensure that she has reviewed and discussed it with you before you start collecting the supporting documentation for each section.

Please keep copies of all documentation included in the application.