Form I-765

About Form I-765 On the USCIS Site

The Form I-765 requests the renewal of your permission to accept employment. Please print this form single sided and make sure that it is signed and dated. We recommend using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (available as part of Adobe Creative Cloud from the Yale Software Library).

You should read the USCIS I-765 Instructions in addition to our tips below. If you are uncertain about any question on this form, simply leave it blank and you can discuss it with an OISS adviser.

  • Check the third box: Renewal of my permission to accept employment.
  • Part 2: Question 7: Some people are reporting that they are unable to enter text in these boxes. Make sure the 'No' box is selected before trying to enter text (you only need to answer this question if you answered 'No' to question 6). If you are still unable to enter text, you can insert a text box using your PDF reader, or print the form and manually enter your address.
  • Part 2: Question 27 Eligibility Codes:
    • STEM OPT Extension: (c) (3) (C)
  • Part 2: Question 28.a.:
    • Type the degree awarded (BA, BS, MA, MS, etc.) and field of study (CIP code or abbreviated name of the major)
  • Part 2: Question 28.b.:
    • Write your employer's name as listed in E-Verify.
  • Part 2: Question 28.c.:
    • Write your employer's E-Verify number as supplied by your employer (This is NOT the same number as EIN [Employer Identification Number] which has the XX-XXXXXXX format).
  • Part 2: Questions 29 - 31b: Leave blank
  • Part 3: Question 7a: Applicant's Signature: Sign in blue ink and make sure your signature does not touch any text or lines.
  • Part 4: Leave this entire section blank if an interpreter did NOT help you complete this form.
  • Part 5: Leave this entire section blank if someone did NOT prepare this form on your behalf.
  • Part 6: Use this section to note any additional information such as:
    • If you are a citizen of three or more countries. Be sure to include copies of those passports.
  • Print single sided and include ALL seven (7) pages of the I-765 even if they are blank.

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