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Remember to bring a translated copy of your marriage license.

International Spouses and Partners at Yale (ISPY) was created to help address the needs of the international spouses and partners community. ISPY has become a truly international group by having active international as well as American members. This social and informative network organizes events, groups, and meetings throughout the year.


If you have school age children, remember to bring translated copies of the following documents:

  • vaccination and medical records
  • birth certificates
  • all school records

You will be required to present these documents before your child can enter school or daycare. Also keep in mind that it is advisable to consider the school options for a particular neighborhood before you make a decision about where you will live. Information about public and private schools in New Haven and the surrounding communities can be found on the OISS website. If you have specific questions about daycare and/or education options for your children, please contact OISS.