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USCIS resumes Premium Processing for H-1B petitions at institutions of higher education

This spring the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced a temporary six-month halt to a service called Premium Processing for H-1B visas. However on July 24th they announced the resumption of Premium Processing for universities. However, in the past few months there has been a national trend of H-1B applications being adjudicated in only one to three months. While we cannot count on this trend continuing, for the time being we recommend that Premium Processing only be used in emergency cases.

Background: The H-1B process (a new or extension application) takes months to prepare, and in the final stage (submitting application by mail) USCIS offers two different types of service: normal processing and Premium Processing (for an additional $1225.)  Premium Processing means that after the application is received by USCIS it generally takes 15 days to adjudicate.