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Sat. May 14, 12:00pm

  • After last year's surprising win by Måns Zermelöw (with his song Heroes), Eurovision will come to Stockholm for the grand Eurovision final of 2016. If you’re unfamiliar with Eurovision, it’s a little like American Idol: each country in the European Broadcasting Union submits a song, which is performed on live TV. After all countries have performed, the viewers call in their votes, but they are not allowed to vote for their home country. When all the votes are counted, the winning country gets the title of Eurovision champion and a chance to host the next year’s contest. It’s a great afternoon of national pride, cheesy songs, voting, and bilingual score-keeping. Cheer for your home country, or adopt a country to root for and join in the fun!

    The live streaming from Stockholm start time will be announced in the weeks to comePizza will be served, so please register so we know how much to order! Open to the Yale community.

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