Traveling to the U.S.

Whether you are traveling to the U.S. for the first time or re-entering, please review the information below carefully. At a minimum, you will need a valid passport, valid visa (except Canadian citizens) and a valid immigration document. Click the box below for details about your specific immigration status. If you have questions or concerns, check with your OISS adviser before you make travel plans. If you had a difficult time entering or re-entering the U.S., please let us know.

You can find detailed information below regarding what documents you need to carry with you, what you need to be aware of when entering the U.S., and what the I-94 record is and why it is important.

Information Specific to Visa Category

Transit Visas When Changing Planes

If your travel plans require a change of planes in a third country, you must check to see if you need a transit visa. Some countries (including the U.S.) require an entry or transit visa, even if you are only changing planes and resuming your travels after a brief time. Before purchasing your ticket, make certain you are aware of any travel requirements or restrictions.