Transferring To and From Yale

Transferring Schools in the U.S.

If you are in lawful F-1 status and are completing or leaving your current program with confirmed arrangements to continue your studies in the U.S. at a different institution in the next academic semester, you must complete the F-1 transfer process. The transfer procedure is initiated by the school you are currently attending and is completed in SEVIS by the new school. 

F-1 Transfer Eligibility

  • Student must be maintaining legal F-1 status
  • Must notify current school of intention to transfer within 60 days of program completion
  • New program start date must be within 5 months of the current program end date

Incoming Transfer to Yale

  • Complete the F-1 Transfer Verification form [PDF].
  • Your current school's international student adviser will work with you to determine the date your record will be electronically released to Yale and provide a signature on your F-1 Verification Form.
  • Please email this completed form via scanned attachment to (link sends e-mail) (put TRANSFER in the subject line).
  • On your date of release and upon receipt of all required admissions materials, a new form I-20 from Yale will be issued and sent to you by your admissions office.
  • Student must check in at Yale OISS within 15 days of the start date on the new I-20.
  • Yale OISS will complete the F-1 transfer in SEVIS and then issue you a new I-20 noting transfer completion.

Outgoing Yale F-1 Transfer Student

Yale F-1 students who have have made a commitment to attend another institution must notify OISS of their intention to transfer within 60 days of the completion of their Yale program.

  • Bring your letter of admission to the new program to OISS during open hours to notify an adviser about your intention to transfer to a new academic institution and to decide the most practical SEVIS transfer release date based on your plans. The release date cannot be later than the 60 day grace period.
  • Contact the international student adviser at your new school and inform them you are an F-1 transfer student. Obtain the transfer in form from your new school, fill it out, and forward it to OISS. If there is no transfer in form from the school you will be attending, the letter of admission will suffice when you notify OISS.  In addition, please provide OISS the SEVIS campus code from your new school.
  • Your SEVIS record will be electronically released to your new school on the mutually agreed upon date of release.
  • Check in at the new institution within 15 days of the start date on the new I-20.
  • Your new school will complete the F-1 transfer in SEVIS and issue a new I-20 noting the transfer is complete.

Important Guidance for the Summer between the two programs

  • F-1 students transferring from one U.S. institution to another are eligible to remain in the U.S. in the summer between two programs.
  • F-1 transfer students may travel outside the US during the transfer pending period. If the current visa in the passport is valid, it can be used for new entry to the US prior to the start of your new program using the I-20 from the transfer in school.
  • The on-campus employment benefit ends on the completion date indicated on your I-20. To work at Yale after the completion of your academic program you use OPT and the work must be related to the student’s major or field of studies. (not custodial or reunion work.)