Already in the U.S.? Moving Your Visa Sponsorship to Yale

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The most typical scholar visas for those currently inside the U.S. are F-1 OPT (graduates from U.S. schools) J-1 scholar transfers, and H-1B Temporary Workers changing employers. The following are the initial steps for scholars who are residing inside the U.S. with valid immigration status. For those of you needing Yale immigration sponsorship to begin employment, OISS will collect information from you if you have been offered a Yale academic appointment, whether or not Yale visa sponsorship is required. OISS will process requests as soon as we have received all necessary information from both you and your Yale host department. If you are coming to Yale and will be working under OPT you will also receive a request for updated information and documents.

Preliminary Steps

Transitioning with H-1 B or J-1 Status

H-1B Employees Inside the U.S.

The H-1B process must first be approved and initiated by the Yale hiring department. An OISS adviser will work with you and the department to prepare the application. You will need to provide documents required for your H-1B “portability” application, which can take 3-6 months using USCIS expedited process. You must also maintain your legal H status with your current employer until the Yale sponsorship has been filed (please speak with your current employer.)

J-1 Scholars

Click the link below for a description of the J-1 scholar transfer process.