Emergency Information

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What to Do in a Crisis

Whether in need of immediate or on-going support in a time of crisis, there are many resources for getting the help you need - see the links and phone numbers below. If you don't know where to turn, but need someone who can listen and help you solve your problem, you can always contact your designated OISS adviser.

Travel Emergencies When Returning to the U.S.

  • If you have left the U.S. without your I-20 or DS-2019 or if your travel signature is more than 12 months old, email your OISS adviser. I-20s and DS-2019s can be sent electronically, so if you need one your OISS adviser will send it to you via OISS Connect.
  • If you encounter issues at the U.S. border and the CBP officer has questions that can be answered by OISS, please ask the officer if they would like to call OISS for confirmation. During office hours, you can call our front desk at (203) 432-2305 and you will be connected to an OISS adviser. After hours, please call the Yale Security at (203) 785-5555 and they will immediately call the OISS director or associate director.

Yale/New Haven Emergency Contact Information

In the event of an emergency or crisis (personal or otherwise) dial 911. You can dial 911 from any phone.

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