Yale ID & Other Forms of Identification

Yale ID & Other Forms of Identification

Yale ID cardYale ID Card

Your Yale ID card identifies you as a member of the Yale University community. You should carry it at all times while you are on campus. In addition to serving as identification, the Yale ID card controls access to many University buildings and services.

Lost, stolen, or damaged ID cards should be reported to Yale’s Security Department at (203) 785-5555.

How to Get a Yale ID

New Yale community members should check with their school or department. More information may be found on the ID Center site.

Spouses, partners, and other affiliates may be able to get a Yale ID by requesting a Sponsored Identity (SI).

Other Forms of ID

It is advisable to carry your passport and immigration documents with you when traveling within the U.S., as well as when you travel internationally. However, it is not recommended to carry your passport at all times in and around New Haven. In certain situations, you may be asked to provide photo identification (ID).

Connecticut State Driver’s License

If you are seeking a CT state driver’s license, please read this information.

Connecticut State Non-Driver Photo ID

This card, also available from the DMV, serves as an official identification card for CT residents who will not be seeking a CT state driver’s license, and who do not hold a driver’s license from any other U.S. state. You cannot apply for the CT non-driver ID before the start date noted on your immigration document (e.g. Form I-20 or DS 2019) or before you check in with OISS to register your status. There is an application fee. Check the DMV website for a current list of the other required documents you will need to have.

Elm City Resident Card

This card is available to New Haven residents and is valid only in New Haven as a piece of photo ID. Besides being a form of photo ID, there are many other shopping and parking discount benefits.