Life in New Haven

Life in New Haven

New Haven skyline

New Haven is a great place to live, work, and visit. We have the world's best pizza, one-of-a-kind shops downtown, award-winning theaters, and the International Festival of Arts & Ideas, just to name a few. Below are just a few things for you to do, see, taste, and get involved in while you're here.


New Haven has so much to offer and can feel like a bustling city when you're downtown, or a quite suburban neighborhood depending on where you are in the city. Here are some links to learn more about your new home.


There is something happening every day in New Haven, you just have to be willing to look through event listings or subscribe to newsletters. Check the right sidebar (or below on mobile) for a list of event listings and news to subscribe to, and check out our Arts & Culture page for more information and lots of links.

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Brunch, burgers, and pizza - we have it all! Visit New Haven and INFONewHaven have lots of information on the various types of local cuisine. You can also use Yelp to see reviews and help you choose where to eat dinner with your friends.

Check our Dining, Cafes, and Restaurants page for more information and recommendations.


From unique boutiques to farmer's markets, New Haven offers a little bit of everything. The Shops at Yale also offer discounts, special promotions and events, and free parking on occasion.

Check out our Shopping pages for more information and recommendations.

Transportation & Travel

Whether you're looking for information on traveling to and from New Haven, getting around the city while you're here, driving and parking, or traveling inside of the U.S., we have you covered.

Beyond New Haven

New Haven is in the great state of Connecticut, which has countless places to explore throughout your time at Yale. Make the most of your time here and get off Yale's campus when you can!