Yale Affiliation

Housing Options

Yale College Freshmen

Yale College freshmen will be assigned to a residential college in July. While most Yale College students will live on campus for four years, some juniors and seniors will choose to live off campus.

Graduate and Professional (G&P) students

Graduate and Professional (G&P) students seeking a Yale degree can find information about on-campus housing here. As on-campus housing is limited, many G&P students (including non-degree students) rent off-campus housing, which is available in a range of prices, situations and conditions.   

Visiting scholars, postdocs, faculty and staff

Visiting scholars, postdocs and many staff and faculty at Yale live in the neighborhoods surrounding the campus. Off-campus housing is available in a range of prices and conditions and much of the housing is conveniently located within the free Yale Shuttle boundaries.  

With the exception of Yale University Properties, never sign a housing agreement or lease for a property you have not seen in  person. A lease is a legally binding agreement and there is no simple way to break it. Even if you were to find the conditions to be uninhabitable, you would still be responsible for the rent payment for the terms of the lease. You are also responsible for the rental costs of the remaining months if you leave before your lease expires.

If you suspect a housing/rental scam, report it to safe@yale.edu

More About Living in New Haven

Yale is Now Partnered with Squeakly

In late May 2016 Yale University  partnered with Squeakly, a fee-based property assessment service for potential property rentals in the New Haven and surrounding areas.

Owned and operated by Yale School of Management graduate students, they provide an objective, 3rd party assessment to all members of the Yale community to assist in finding quality accommodations while providing you peace of mind during your search process.

Note: This website and the associated service is meant to be a resource to the Yale Community. The inspection of any property or its findings does not imply approval or endorsement by Yale University.