Recruitment Report

The “Recruitment Report” is a letter the department prepares (we cannot use Yale reports such as the Faculty Questionnaire/ FSQ) which summarize the recruitment effort. The report should be printed on department letterhead, and signed and dated by the appropriate faculty or staff member. Once OISS has received the report we will be able to evaluate whether or not a Labor Certification green card will be possible. Please send the original signed report to OISS along with evidence of every recruitment advertisement that meets the standards, on-line posting or announcement used in this process.

The Report Must Specify the Following:

  • Name the total number of applicants for the position (if there was only one, state this)
  • Name the number of U.S. workers if known
  • The specific reasons why the new faculty hire was found to be more qualified than any other applicant. Please refer to the language of the recruitment advertisement and give specific reasons for the selection.
  • Explain that this report is in connection with a Labor Certification for a (name) faculty teaching position
  • List job title, salary and a brief description of the duties of the position
  • Explain any and all advertisements placed in professional journals for this recruitment cycle including:
    • Name of professional journal in print publication
    • Date of journal publication/s for this specific position
    • How the journal relates to this specific field
  • If on-line journals were used you must demonstrate that these postings were accessible for at least 30 days. Please elaborate.
  • Explain all other recruitment efforts (with dates) for this particular position
  • If a Provost Office recommendation was not required for this recruitment process, a statement to this affect must be included in the Recruitment Report

Please see a sample Recruitment Report format.