I-94 Record

I-94 Record

What is an I-94 Record?

Every nonimmigrant entering the U.S. on a sponsored visa (F, J, H, etc.) will have a Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record created by the Department of Homeland Security upon entry. This record confirms that you have been legally admitted to the U.S. in a specific visa status, and for a duration of time. For F and J visa holders, the amount of time is indicated by the notation “D/S,” which means you can be in the U.S. for the “Duration of Status” of your student or scholar program. 

Check Your I-94 Record Every Time You Enter the U.S.

A new I-94 record is created (except in some cases when re-entering from an adjacent country) each time you enter the U.S.

The I-94 record is created online; no document is issued on the spot. It is your responsibility to look up your I-94 record after entering the U.S. 

As soon as you have returned from international travel and have access to a computer, look up your I-94 record to make sure there are no errors to the information on the I-94, such as:

  • Admit Until Date: should be 'D/S'
  • Your Name
  • Your Birthdate
  • Passport Information
  • Date of Entry
  • I-94 recordClass of Admission: Visa Status

Download and Print Your Most Recent I-94 Record

Remember to download and print a new I-94 record each time you exit and return to the U.S. The I-94 record is your evidence that you entered the U.S. legally, so it is important to keep the most current printed version with your passport at all times. State and federal government agencies will ask to see the I-94 record (for driver’s license, social security number, etc).

Download and Print I-94

Problems Locating Your I-94 Record

If you cannot locate your I-94 record in the online system please contact your OISS adviser. Be prepared to provide your OISS adviser the date you arrived in the U.S., the airport you landed in, and a copy of your reservation or ticket.