Global Travel Assistance

Global Travel Assistance

Emergency Travel Assistance

All students and employees are covered by ‚ÄčInternational SOS for both business and pleasure travel. International SOS is not a medical insurance program, but provides international and domestic emergency medical, security and travel assistance anywhere in the world, including emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, emergency political and security transportation, natural disaster evacuation services, medical and travel assistance services and personal security services.

If you have a travel emergency, alert Yale’s travel assistance provider. They will notify the Yale University Office of International Affairs, Risk Management Office, Yale Health, and, if relevant, your program:

  • Contact International SOS for assistance (call collect +1 (215) 942-8478).

Yale University provides International SOS at no cost to all current students, current University employees, and immediate family members traveling with University employees. See the Dependent Coverage section for more information about obtaining coverage for immediate family members of a current University employee who may be traveling separately. All newly arrived international students and scholars received a copy of the International SOS membership card in their OISS passport wallet. If you have an old card or need another copy, you can download the International SOS card.

Yale Travel Registry

Yale maintains a travel plan database so the University can assist you in the event of an emergency. As you prepare to leave campus for travel abroad, please take a moment to register your travel plans. This information has been critical to our efforts to locate and evacuate Yale travelers following natural disasters and violence and will not be made public.

Yale International Toolkit

The International Travel Toolkit Includes many tips and resources for overseas travel, such as travel orientations, emergency information, and more.