Credential Evaluations and Translations

Credential Evaluations

For many immigration applications it is necessary to get an official credential evaluation of your highest degree, if the granting institution is based outside the U.S. (this includes Canada.) This is true even with world class institutions that give instruction, and grant their degree in English. You only need to have one degree evaluated; the degree relative to your Yale appointment. If you have multiple higher education degrees you may wish to speak to your OISS adviser to determine which degree is relative to your Yale appointment. You may use any U.S. company you like to do your evaluation, but you may want to use one of the companies with official endorsement, such as AICE or NACES. Some popular companies are Education Credential Evaluators Morningside, Park Evaluators, Trustforte and World Education Services.  These plans are not endorsed by Yale or OISS but have been used by Yale international students and scholars. The whole process is done over the internet, so you don't need to choose a local company. Many of these companies charge in the range of $65 - $150 depending on how quickly you need the service completed. If you have questions about obtaining an evaluation please contact your adviser in OISS.

NOTE: For clinical-care appointments requiring M.D. and licensure, you may be able to use the ECFGM certificate as your credential evaluation. However for green card processing you cannot use FCVS or ECFMG as your evaluation.


All documents submitted in any immigration application (including the visas mentioned above) must be in English, or accompanied by an English translation. You do not need to hire an official translator or have the documents “notarized.” The translation can be completed by a language department at Yale or by any colleague who is fluent in both English and the foreign language. It's normally not best for you to translate your own documents. The translation should have a statement at the end similar to the following statement:

Certification of Accuracy:

I, (Name), residing in the State of Connecticut, being duly sworn, attest that I am fluent in both English and { fill-in language }. I have made a translation to English of the attached { name the document e.g. Birth Certificate } which was written in { fill-in language }. I hereby certify that this is a true and complete translation to the best of my knowledge, ability, and belief.