Housing Disputes

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We hope you will not experience a housing dispute. However, if you do it is very important that you follow legal avenues to find a solution. Never stop paying your rent because you are unhappy with your housing situation. You lose your tenant’s rights by violating the terms of the lease if you do.

Are You Having Issues With Your Landlord?

All lease and tenant issues​ should be addressed first with the property owner directly.

Further resources:

Legal Actions

The Graduate Student Assembly's legal aid program can offer assistance in circumstances where a tenant would like to pursue legal action. Each month during the academic year, graduate students have the opportunity ​to meet with volunteer lawyers from the New Haven Bar Association for a one-on-one consultation. 

Note: This Attorney Referral List has been compiled to assist graduate students in finding legal services at an affordable rate. Yale University is not responsible for the quality of the services provided, for the ultimate outcome of any matter, or for the terms of any agreement entered into with an attorney on this list.

Other Groups That May Help Advocate for You: