Parenting & Schools

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Schools & Childcare Options

It is advisable to consider the school options for a particular neighborhood before you make a decision about where you will live. Information about public and private schools in New Haven and the surrounding communities may be found below. If you have specific questions about daycare and/or education options for your children, please contact OISS.

Yale's Childcare Directory

Yale Work Life has created the Yale University Child Care Directory to provide detailed information about child care centers in Greater New Haven, choosing a center, and other useful resources for families with young children. There are seven child care programs affiliated with the university. The programs vary in size; eligibility is determined by university affiliation, ages of children served, calendar, hours of operation, and program philosophy.

Babysitting Services

Since the school day ends around 3:00 pm, working parents normally arrange an after-school program, daycare or in-home babysitter for their child. After-school programs are numerous and take place at community centers and schools in the area. All require extra fees and registration. You can begin your search by inquiring at your child’s school.

The Yale Babysitting Service helps address the need for additional child care options within the Yale University community. This service establishes a link between Yale faculty, staff and students to access babysitting services provided by Yale students. This service can only be used by current Yale faculty, staff and students. For more information, contact

Health Requirements for School-Aged Children

Children attending school in the U.S. are required to have a number of immunizations. Be sure to review requirements depending on the age of your child(ren):

There are specific immunization for requirements for children attending CT schools:

Having these completed prior to your arrival will make school enrollment easier. You will also find other forms and information about school health requirements on the Connecticut State Department of Education website.

Before leaving home make sure to obtain documentation from your child’s doctor, in English, to confirm your child is up to date based on CT Health Department requirements.

Once you are in the U.S., if your child is missing any vaccinations, your doctor in the U.S. will need to administer the immunizations and provide you with documentation. Your child’s school might suggest you go to the CT Department of Health for these requirements, but it is better to go to your U.S. doctor instead.

In addition to the immunizations, your child will need provide a health assessment, conducted by a U.S. doctor. Speak with your child's doctor for more information.

Child Friendly Activities